TORONTO, January 24, 2020 — FAHM Technology Partners (FAHM) is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Route, which prides itself on delivering positive post-purchase experiences and is used by more than 350,000 customers. It is the latest move in FAHM’s pursuit of aligning with leaders in eCommerce solutions.

Effective immediately, FAHM clients will benefit from dynamic visual tracking, premium order protection and one-click claim resolution that will continually please customers. Not only that, Route’s end-to-end technology minimizes loss, decreases customer support costs and, perhaps most importantly, saves headaches.
Route doubles as a licensed insurance company, increasing customer confidence against the rise of package theft.

“Often overlooked, delivery and unboxing are two of the most important connections businesses can make with customers. Working with Route ensures those final steps of the eCommerce journey are not only positive but memorable,” said Iqbal Khan, Managing Partner at FAHM Technology Partners.

Based in Utah, Route also provides the digital tools for when delivery does not go as planned. With just a few clicks, customers can use Route+ to quickly resolve orders that are lost, damaged or stolen while triggering an appropriate response from the vendor. This seamless claims filing process has been proven to increase customer loyalty.
“Our focus has always been to provide our clients with the tools necessary to transform their business, no matter how big or how small they may seem,” added Khan.

Any business interested in elevating its post-purchase experience, with unmatched visibility and transparency from checkout to delivery, can connect with a FAHM team member here.

About FAHM Technology Partners

FAHM Technology Partners is a team of experts passionate in delivering forward-thinking solutions that answer technology challenges for companies, deliver cutting-edge projects and improve clients’ business processes. The company works with your organization to build a customized solution that integrates the optimal mix of the latest technologies, infrastructures, tools, and software in highly competitive timeframes.

About Route

Route enables online retailers to deliver an on-brand post-purchase experience that minimizes loss, decreases customer support costs, boosts revenue and creates lifelong advocates in the process.