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IT and tech talent solutions that endeavor to understand your company, its operations and culture to ensure we painlessly source talents who fit in and can deliver.

Revolutionizing Technology Talent Acquisition for Competitive EdgeTo remain competitive in today’s technology landscape, an organization needs to become and remain agile in its operations and its processes, and that includes its recruitment policy.

But how does it translate for hiring managers and human resources departments who need highly qualified tech and IT workers? How do they keep up with an environment that requires employees’ skill sets to evolve as fast as technology is developed? How do they implement that flexibility without compromising their companies’ culture, and without the process becoming a logistical and recruitment nightmare?

Streamlined IT Recruitment

FAHM Technology Partners develops a dedicated proactive talent strategy for your organization to make the recruitment of IT and tech talent simple and painless. We get to know your business inside out to advise you on the most cost effective and efficient solutions to achieve your goals. Not only do we understand your operations, goals, and culture, we also have industry expertise that enable us to predict what skills you will need internally to develop a short and long-term staffing strategy. Your organization can focus on what it does best, and rely on us to provide vetted candidates with the right experience when needed.

Why trust a technology company to staff your project?

As a technology company, we are expert at recruiting IT and tech talents to source our projects. We know the market, we know the skills, we know candidate’s profiles, but mostly, we know how hard it is to find the right person. Why do we know? Simply because we’ve been there. Over the years, by staffing our projects, we’ve developed an expertise and a network highly specialized to that exact purpose.

Discover why our IT talent acquisition excels long-term.

Traditional Recruitment Process

FAHM Recruitment Process

Sales driven

Recruitment driven

General understanding of job requirements

Highly specialized understanding of job requirements

Expert at recruitment only

Expert at both recruitment and technology/IT

Little knowledge of client’s company, operations and culture

Deep knowledge of client’s company, operations and culture

Have a general database of candidates to search

Have in depth knowledge of candidates as people and professionals

Run keywords search to find candidates that tick a checklist when a job comes up

Know the talents with the skills and the know-how to be put forward to a company instantaneously

Send hiring manager a large number of resumes to sift through

Send hiring manager a few hand-picked profiles to review

Go through candidate qualification process (phone interview, project, in person interview)

Skip candidate qualification process altogether, we’ve already done it for you

Regular qualified candidates’ recruitment process (interviews)

Go straight to the in-depth interviews

In a nutshell, In summary, why choose FAHM Technology Partners for your IT talent needs? 

  • We are constantly meeting with IT and tech consultants to build our database and staff our projects
  • We get to know our candidates as people and professionals, sometimes we’ve even worked with them
  • We work closely with hiring managers to understand their company, their operations, their culture and their needs
  • We do all the legwork, you only get involved to meet qualified candidates and make a final decision
  • We save hiring managers a considerable amount of time by anticipating and understanding their needs
  • We make the process painless and easy, so hiring managers can focus on their other duties

Are you ready to build your staffing strategy? Let’s discuss your needs and requirements!

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