Cloud Computing

Leveraging cloud computing for maximum efficiency, scalability, and agility to enable fast time to market while keeping your investment under control.

We have partner status with cloud solutions world leaders.

Cloud migration made easy. With FAHM Technology Partners, you benefit from the expertise and continuous optimization that will drive faster innovation, enable you to scale smarter and stay secure. Take advantage of the most advanced cloud ecosystems in the world to build your tech solution.

Why migrate your business to the cloud?

Every day, more organizations are choosing to migrate their existing projects, and build on the cloud. It’s no wonder when considering how exponentially more efficient cloud-based infrastructures are for businesses. Learn how FAHM Technology Partners cloud computing solutions can benefit your organization:

  1. Adaptability

    FAHM Technology Partners helps your team identify how cloud computing can prepare your organization to handle changing business needs. Together, we craft custom made, better-performing solutions delivering added value to your clients and your internal stakeholders.

  2. Flexibility

    Cloud computing allows you to store and access data over the internet from anywhere at anytime. When freed from the limitations that come with the use of hardware, your organization regain a level of business flexibility that fosters growth and innovation.

  3. Agility & Scalability

    Organizations have to become more agile to stay competitive. By choosing to develop your cloud-based project with FAHM Technology Partners, your organization multiplies its ability to be reactive to clients’ needs. Your teams gain the capability to implement new technology advancements faster than ever, and scale your solutions seamlessly with decreased risk, and no downtime on your existing service.

  4. Cost Efficiency & Fast Completion

    Building on the cloud means you pay only for what you use, low initial set-up costs, the ability to add computing resources when you need them in a matter of minutes (instead of weeks or months), and reasonable maintenance fees. The outcomes are a much shorter and predictable time to market, and considerably lower project costs for your organization.

  5. Better use of resources

    By utilizing standardized services (cloud computing allows you to deploy the same service or topology of services repetitively, with the same result every time), we can significantly reduce issues and defects, thus reducing time spent on operational matters. Additionally to reducing costs, it frees up your human capital to be proactively focusing on innovation, as well as tasks that will yield higher value, and foster growth for your business.

  6. Business Continuity

    Your clients and employees rely on you to maintain business continuity on your services and systems at all time. With its cloud computing solutions, FAHM Technology Partners ensures your data and programs are continuously backed up. In case of an incident, protocols are in place for speed disaster recovery at a lower cost than with physical infrastructures.


of CEOs say IT infrastructure must support business agility and market responsiveness¹


of IT decision-makers face data migration challenges¹


of IT budgets spent maintaining legacy systems²


of companies want usage-based IT payment models²

How can FAHM Technology Partners help you transition to the cloud?

FAHM Technology Partners analyzes your environment, your needs and your current portfolio of digital assets to identify opportunities. We advise you on how your business can benefit from cloud computing, and design a solution tailor-made to cater to your organization’s specific needs. Our solutions include:

  • Custom cloud application development & migration: Leverage the cloud to enable agility, time to market and cost efficiency for custom application development, and migration of legacy applications.
  • Cloud operations support: FAHM Technology Partners ensures your cloud computing solution is always performing readily by providing operational support on your cloud infrastructure (setup and update the infrastructure, monitor and alert if an issue occurs) and your cloud-based applications (application monitoring, day to day business process operation, ticket handling).
  • Data management & analytics: Reduce errors, lower your operating costs and mitigate risk with an integrated data management approach. Sophisticated analytics ensure your executive decisions and strategy are based on a clearer vision of your organization’s performance.
  • Cloud integration: Leverage cloud-based integration technologies for integrating data regardless of where applications are deployed. Applications with data on the public cloud and within on-premise system become one.
  • Enterprise App Store: Take advantage of the app store model to change the way enterprise applications are provisioned and delivered to your teams. Your employees have access to all the tools, softwares and system access they need to work from any device, anywhere, at any time.

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2. “Funding IT Transformation: How Companies Can Get Past Legacy Lock-In and Stop Playing Catch-Up,” Harvard Business Review, June 2016 (original source: IDC)