The FAHM Approach

FAHM, your strategic business partner in everything technology.

Choosing FAHM is to trust a partner who will work hand in hand with you to understand the environment your organization operates in. Together, we will find the optimal solution to help your organization overcome its technology challenges.

Your needs, our mandate.

When selecting the company that will bring to life your project, you want to make sure that they go above and beyond in delivering a solution tailor-made to cater to your organization’s specific needs. FAHM makes it a priority to ensure your requirements are met, and the final product delivered answers your customer’s demands.

Expertise and Experience.

Work with a company entirely dedicated to the success of your project, and benefit from the expertise and experience of the FAHM team members in project management, full stack development, cloud based architecture, blockchain, design… to bring your vision to life.

Keep agile and up to speed.

The fast and dynamic nature of the technology industry presents an ever-changing landscape of tools and frameworks. Our design methodology and agile project management ensure fast paced deployment. You become highly reactive, and in a position to implement the latest technology updates in a much shorter timeframe.

Scalable solutions, cut on the guessing game.

No need to choose between a solution that fits your present needs, and one that anticipates what you will require in the future. The high scalability of our solutions ensures they grow with your business, at your organization’s pace.

Reduce redundancies with an API driven approach.

With FAHM’s API driven approach, each component of your enterprise shared services communicate with each other properly. As the APIs can be used internally, as well as by other parties, you no longer need to build components several times to perform a point to point integration, thus saving time and money. No matter the language, the API provides a unified sharable service, even with legacy systems.

Cost efficiency without sacrificing quality.

In an effort to keep our solutions cost effective, we use a mix of on-shore and off-shore resources to plan, design, and execute projects. Quality and on-time delivery are ensured by keeping strategic thinking, design and project management in North America. We have our selected off-shore resources execute and implement on projects, under the supervision and close quality control of the on-shore team.

Cloud-based infrastructures.

FAHM provides cloud-based infrastructures to ensure our clients benefit from low set-up costs, fast time to market, and scalable solutions that would not be achievable with traditional physical servers. An additional benefit is that, unlike with traditional databases, your system experiences no downtime for maintenance and when performing an upgrade.

Be at the forefront of transparency, accuracy and authentication with blockchain.

Whether your organization’s need is to create and trade assets, track provenance, manage identity, or supply chain, FAHM builds a solution where every transaction is protected from deletion, tampering, and revision; and where your back-end operations are more efficient and cheaper than ever thanks to blockchain.

We use open sourced, license free technologies.

All FAHM solutions are designed with open sourced, license free technologies to save you the cost of expensive licensed proprietary software. Customization of your solution becomes cheaper as you only pay for development work, and when you want to have something changed.

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