New Office in Mexico Expands Ecommerce Partnerships & Supply Chain in LATAM

TORONTO, October 28, 2021 — FAHM Technology Partners (FAHM), IBM’s Top New Business Partner of the Year in North America and an IBM Order Management Gold Partner, is excited to announce it has opened a new hub in Mexico, improving accessibility to the company’s digital transformation solutions. This expansion supports FAHM’s global reach by creating a centralized hub that further aligns service distribution in all key markets, including the rapidly growing LATAM region. The company already provides its professional services to the emerging Latin American market through its office in Sao Paulo, Brazil and operations in Columbia.

FAHM remains a trusted partner to many global Fortune 1000 organizations, providing purpose-built solutions that allow them to stay current in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. The company’s expansion into Mexico offers current clients and new businesses direct access to FAHM’s established eCommerce partnerships and supply chain expertise, providing a one-stop-shop for specialized digital solutions, which include consulting, software implementation, and professional services.

“Our expansion into Mexico aims to further solidify our service offerings throughout Latin America,” said Iqbal Khan, FAHM’s Managing Partner. “Latin America remains an emerging market that we see has untapped potential. When combined with our established partnerships and expertise, we have the opportunity to become a strategic partner for any company looking to fully transition and embrace digital.”

FAHM’s expansion strategy has seen new offices opened globally, including locations in Brazil, Columbia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. With global exposure, FAHM is well situated and capable of supporting its customers’ multi-international needs.

“Our extensive expertise working with Fortune 1000 companies means we have the capabilities to streamline the digital transformation process for LATAM companies in virtually any industry. continues Iqbal.

About FAHM Technology Partners

FAHM Technology Partners is a team of experts passionate in delivering forward-thinking solutions that answer technology challenges for companies, deliver cutting-edge projects and improve clients’ business processes. The company works with your organization to build a customized solution that integrates the optimal mix of the latest technologies, infrastructures, tools, and software in highly competitive timeframes.