UI/UX Design

Increasing user satisfaction with a seamless user experience on your digital properties.

Custom UX/UI design can help elevate your brand by differentiating your organization from the competition. A strong user experience strategy has the power to increase conversion rate, reduce development costs, and maximize revenue.

Did you know?


of people are likely to return to a website if it is optimized for mobile.


of online customers admit that fast page loading impacts their loyalty to a site.


of companies are currently conducting UX testing.

Every $1 invested in UX
garners a return of $2 to
Every $1 invested in UX garners a return of $2 to

Intentional and strategic UX has the potential to increase conversion rates by up to


How does UX/UI design benefit your organization?

No matter what industry vertical your organization falls under, the competition is sure to be vast. If your digital properties aren’t easy to use and don’t bring value to your visitors, you’ll likely miss out on prospective customers, and therefore you’ll lose revenue. FAHM Technology Partners’ UX/UI design expertise can help your organization develop an optimized user experience tailored to the specific needs of your visitors.

Increase Customer Acquisition, Loyalty & Engagement

Make it easy for your clients to do business with you by optimizing navigation and functionality. Bringing value where it matters most, you become your visitors go-to provider increasing your customer acquisition return on investment, as well as improving loyalty and engagement.

Maximize Overall Revenue Generation

A well thought out user experience with clear calls to action increases your chances of converting your visitors into customers. Planned A/B testing provides insights to optimize user experience in order to cater to your clients’ specific needs, maximizing revenue generation opportunities.

Optimize Development Costs & Reduce Development Time

Prototyping the solution and anticipating users’ needs, before going into development, gives you the opportunity to solve usability issues before investing the time and money on building your solution.

The FAHM Technology Partners UX/UI Design Process

FAHM Technology Partners analyzes your environment, your needs and your current portfolio of digital assets to identify opportunities. We advise you on how your organization can drive digital growth and build a customized solution to convert opportunities into sales.

We have developed a project process around milestones designed to ensure that stakeholders and teams from both parties stay current on your project’s development. This ensures that deadlines are met, while all resources are used efficiently, and costs are optimized.

  1. Research
    • Competitive Analysis
    • In-Situ Ethnography
    • Remote Ethnography
    • Persona Development
  2. Requirements
    • Affinity Diagram
    • Customer Journey
    • Create Product Requirements Document (PRD)
  3. Design
    • Sketching
    • Lo-Fi Wireframes
    • Hi-Fi Mockups
    • Clickable Prototype
  4. User Testing
    • Usability Test, In-Situ
    • Usability Test, Remote
    • Qualitative Survey
    • Analysis and Feedback on Earlier Stages

Why and how do we include UX/UI design in all FAHM Technology Partners solutions?

Every solution FAHM Technology Partners builds has a component of User Experience design. It ensures navigation, workflow and functionality are easy and pleasant, and increases positive business outcomes. Here are a few examples of how UX/UI design benefits our solutions:

Web Applications

Our UI/UX design experts map out the whole flow of interactions between your visitors and the application to give you the visibility to optimize conversion and engagement rates.

Mobile Applications

Behaviours on mobile are different from behaviours on desktop. FAHM Technology Partners UX/UI experts ensure that, whether you are adapting a desktop app for mobile or creating a dedicated mobile app, you get an experience that accounts for the subtilities of mobile usability best practices.

Custom Enterprise Solutions

Not every team functions the same or has the same needs. By mapping out the interactions your team will have with your solution, we give you the ability to put your employees’ feedback into action, and fine tune an experience that will answer their challenges. Therefore, ensuring a simple on-boarding process and increased productivity using your application.

Discover how our web application solutions can add functionality to your digital assets, even your legacy systems.

Learn how our tailor-made enterprise solutions can help you elevate your organization’s technology strategy.