The FAHM Process

To develop a technology solution customized to address your organization’s specific needs, FAHM has developed a project process around milestones designed to ensure that stakeholders and teams, both on your side and ours, are always up to speed on your project’s development. This way, deadlines are being met, and resources are used most efficiently.


Project inception phase

The project inception phase is designed to have the FAHM project team and the client team agree on the overall direction for the project, including a common high-level understanding of what the solution will and will not include, and the designation of key contacts on the FAHM and client teams to facilitate communication. During the project inception meeting, we will hold the first of several requirements and design sessions.


Analysis and design phase

The analysis and design phase enables us to define what the project will deliver. We will hold several requirements and design sessions, during which we will build the project scope (like a ‘blueprint’), and perform our due diligence in gathering the appropriate information to understand your needs and your system requirements. At the conclusion of the analysis and design phase, the FAHM team provides a detailed requirements and design document for approval by the client; which identifies client business needs, and includes project technical parameters. This phase is crucial as it allows us to reduce the time required for the development phase, thereby minimizing the cost, and maximizing the quality of the resulting solution.


Development phase

Once the client signs off on the requirements and design document, the development phase begins. FAHM allocates a team of developers under the supervision of the project lead. Included in this phase is the completion of the solution, our internal quality assurance testing of the solution, and its delivery to the client for User Acceptance Testing (UAT).


User Acceptance Testing phase

Once the FAHM team delivers the solution to the client for User Acceptance Testing (UAT), it is passed onto the client’s internal designated testing group to confirm the solution meets the specified requirements. FAHM will work closely with the designated User Acceptance representatives, and the client team, to evaluate the solution, and identify any remaining issues, deficiencies, and errors they need to address before going live.


Implementation phase

After testing and correcting all issues to the client’s satisfaction in the UAT phase, the FAHM team will proceed in delivering the final solution. We will implement the solution in production, and schedule user-training sessions. The approval and sign off by the client team will constitute the completion of the project.



FAHM often provides ongoing support for maintenance and enhancements of the solutions that we deliver. Typically, this ongoing support consists of the following components:

  • Emergency support: The site is down or the application is broken and needs attention immediately
  • Planned maintenance related activities: Backups, issues around operating system and database patches and upgrades…
  • Enhancements

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