Mobile Applications

Maximize opportunities by making it easy for your clients to do business with you on mobile; ensure easy implementation of a consistent user experience across devices, platforms, and operating systems with mobile applications development.

How can you maximize business opportunities with mobile applications?

Did you know that people spend on average 4 h 05 minutes a day on their mobile devices (according to eMarketer)? Take a moment to consider what it means for your business to be able to reach your prospects and clients where they spend 1/6 of their time.

With mobile applications, you are able to curate the user experience, adapt the way you do business to maximize your organization’s exposure, and take advantage of new opportunities. Develop a unique user-friendly experience to powerfully market your products and services to your prospects and clients.

The worldwide mobile app revenue is expected to grow from $88.3 billion in 2016 to $188.9 billion in 2020.¹
The number of mobile app download is expected to grow from $149.3 billion in 2016 to $352.9 billion in 2020.¹
2.8 million apps were available in the Google Play store, and 2.2 million in the Apple App Store as of March 2017.¹

Why build a mobile app if I have a responsive design website?

While a responsive design website ensures visitors have a good experience when browsing on small devices, your organization can complement their responsive content with a mobile app to take the user experience to the next level. Optimize the navigation, content, and functionalities with a mobile application to provide a curated, highly actionable, engaging experience for your users. A mobile app is designed to shorten the distance to the goal, making high-value functionalities easily accessible, and actions quickly performed by the users.

How can building a mobile application benefit your organization?

FAHM Technology Partners helps you navigate the challenges of mobile apps development to support high quality, consistent user experiences across devices, operating systems, display sizes and on-device features.

Learn how FAHM Technology Partners mobile applications can benefit your organization:

  • User experience
    We simplify the mobile application development for your organization by designing and developing a consistent user experience across devices, operating systems, and display sizes. We also ensure your mobile app makes the most of the features available on the various devices and operating systems.
  • Speed
    Helping you provide your users with a faster experience on mobile. With mobile apps, the majority of the information is stored in the application making it very fast to launch and load the app, certain functionalities are even available offline.
  • Visibility
    Once downloaded by the user, your mobile app has a permanent presence on your prospects and clients’ devices, it increases your organization’s visibility, and reinforces your brand, making it easy to push notifications.
  • Engagement
    Having a mobile application enables your organization to connect and interact easily with your customers, making it a valuable business tool.
  • Cost efficiency
    Creating a mobile application is an investment for your organization that can be recouped by the new opportunities it brings, by the lower marketing costs to reach qualified prospects, and by reducing customer services strain on your staff.

What should be considered before developing a mobile app?

  1. Estimate how popular your mobile app will be
    Research, by asking your visitors and polling your clients whether they think a mobile application from your organization would be helpful, and if they would use it.
  2. Define the purpose of your app
    Define how your mobile app would bring value to its users. To outline the purpose of your application, try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes: what do they want and need from your app? How is your app going to improve your service to them?
  3. Allocate time and resources
    Mobile apps are a financial and time investment. Planning to make sure you have the time, workforce, and budget to maintain your mobile app, and keep it relevant, is an important consideration.
  4. Your business requirements
    Defining the actual needs of your business can help you decide whether a mobile app is the best for your mobile strategy. For instance, mobile applications are particularly relevant for businesses that require customers login or have a high customer interaction and engagement rate.

What kind of mobile applications can FAHM Technology Partners help you build?

FAHM Technology Partners analyzes your environment, your needs and your current portfolio of digital assets to identify opportunities. We advise you on how your business can leverage mobile applications to drive digital growth, and design a solution tailor-made to cater to your organization’s specific needs.

We develop mobile applications with almost any functionality you would like to include, and advise you on the best mobile solution for your organization, including:

  • Custom Mobile Apps
  • Native Mobile App
  • Cross Platform
  • Mobile App
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Mobile App Testing
  • App Maintenance & Support
  • App Porting & Migration
  • M-Commerce Apps

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