On the back of consistent growth worldwide and an ever stronger and booming European market, FAHM Technology Partners is thrilled to expand to a new office in the United Kingdom.

London is our fifth office, alongside our Toronto (headquarters), Delaware, São Paulo, and Mumbai offices. This office, together with all of our remote offices, will support both our local and global clients and additionally, our respected channel partners.

The FAHM Technology Partners operations in London will be headed by Will Esclusa, FAHM Chief Digital Officer and former IBM Executive. As with our other offices, Will and his team are looking forward to providing the same excellent service that FAHM clients and partners are now accustomed to.

“We have ambitious plans for Europe, but most importantly, we’re excited to have a direct presence in the European continent and work closely with our partners,” says Will Esclusa.

FAHM Technology Partners Global Managing Partner, Iqbal Khan, says, “We will be focusing our efforts on strengthening our existing alliances in the market, working on creating new partnerships, establishing new direct sales opportunities and helping to drive brand awareness for FAHM. We already have a good selection of clients in the area and have recently become an IBM Sterling Order Management Gold Partner.”

Generally, the pandemic has forced a greater demand for digital reliance across the board, and this outcome is likely here to stay in the “new normal”, as the utility of more abundant data and the lowering transaction costs of using that data impact how European companies make decisions. Hence, there is no better time than now for FAHM to be making their expansion into Europe.

To see the locations of FAHM’s headquarters and regional offices, or to connect with a team member, visit our Contact page. Thank you.

FAHM Technology Partners – United Kingdom
Eagle House
28 Billing Rd
Northampton NN1 5AJ
United Kingdom


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