Announcing FAHM Technology Partners has gained Cloud Partner status with world leaders in cloud computing technology Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft.
In becoming AWS Partner, Google Cloud Partner, IBM Business Partner and Microsoft Azure Partner, we are enabling our clients to take advantage of the most advanced cloud ecosystems in the world. Bringing our digital transformation expertise to build tech solutions with dedicated cloud architecture for easy migration, increased scalability capabilities, cost efficiency and enhanced security.

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FAHM Technology Partners’ Cloud Capabilities for SMB and Enterprises:
  • Digital Transformation Planning
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud First & Native Cloud Architectures
  • Data Storage & Persistence
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Network & Load Management

Who is FAHM Technology Partners?

FAHM Technology Partners is a strategic technology consultant with experience in developing custom solutions leveraging the latest technology advancements, trends and tools. We work closely with our clients to understand how technology can fill in the gaps of existing IT infrastructures and create solutions that enact change and growth where it matters.