FAHM Technology Partners will be present at the Andina Link Expo 2018, one of the largest ICT trade show and conferences in Latin America (approximately 1,500 visitors and 90 exhibitors).

Come meet us at the Ontario Pavilion with the Ontario Ministery of International Trade from March 5 to March 8 at the Convention Centre in Cartagena, Colombia. We’ll also take appointments as part of a pre-show initiative on March 9th in Bogota.

We are looking forward to discussing the new business opportunities cloud computing, blockchain, web & mobile applications bring to the Telecommunications and Convergent Technologies Industry.

About Andina Link Expo 2018:

Andina Link is the most important telecommunications event in the Andina region. With a history of 24 years is the International Fair of Telecommunications and Convergent Technology known for bringing together the highest levels of the telecommunications, decision makers in government and big business sector; has a captive target audience including telecom operators, technology and programming providers, cable operators, open and closed channels of TV, community channels and regional channels, Internet suppliers. ISPS – APPS among others.


About Ontario Ministry of International Trade:

The Ontario Ministry of International Trade centrally coordinates trade activities in Ontario by working with the business community, key organizations and partner ministries to advance the province’s economic interests around the globe. It supports the growth of small and medium-sized businesses so they can connect with new export markets and customers. The ministry integrates responsibility for trade strategy, trade missions and promotion among all ministry partners to increase Ontario’s exports and identify new markets.


About FAHM Technology Partners:

FAHM Partners delivers forward thinking enterprise solutions to answer your technology challenges. By working closely with your internal teams, our experts ensure the delivery of a custom-made solution satisfying your organization’s precise needs and specifications. Implementing the latest advances in cloud computing, blockchain, web & mobile applications, and agile project management; we use an API driven approach, combined with open sourced license-free technologies, to ensure fast time to market and cost efficiency.