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Working with a recruiter that is first and foremost an IT and tech expert, who understand your skills to place you on projects where you can thrive.

A world of tech opportunities at your fingertips, or is it?

The tech industry is growing, as technology evolves, new opportunities are created. With blockchain, web and mobile app development…, the need for qualified IT and tech consultants grows. You know you have the skills to make a difference by building smart technology solutions, and by bringing innovation that a company didn’t know they needed before meeting you.

But the reality of the tech job market is that IT and tech consultants are often considered disposable, you are offered temporary contracts on a need basis, leaving you on the bench in between contracts. Your skills and the measure of what you can bring to an organization are often misunderstood by traditional recruiters, who consider your resume as a set of technical skills to execute on the job.

Software development is one of the occupations with the highest job growth, at 30.7% in the US.

Source: https://www.bls.gov/emp/tables/occupations-most-job-growth.htm
44% of businesses expect their IT budgets to increase, while 43% do not expect a change.

Source: https://www.spiceworks.com/marketing/state-of-it/report/
AI, big data, and data analytics continue to rise in importance with 70% of enterprises expected to implement AI.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/gilpress/2017/11/09/10-predictions-for-ai-big-data-and-analytics-in-2018

Changing the IT and tech contractor paradigm

FAHM Technology Partners is an IT and tech expert before being a recruiter, as such we aim to change the IT and tech contractor paradigm for both IT/tech consultants, and for organizations hiring those talents. Our core activity is to advise organizations and decision makers to ensure they remain competitive. Therefore, we are uniquely positioned to understand their needs, today and in the future, and proactively help them build a staffing strategy.

Why become a FAHM Technology Partner consultant?

We live and breathe IT and tech to source our projects with the smartest, most knowledgeable and skilled tech consultants on the market. We understand your skills and how you can help organizations build and implement technology innovations.

Let’s have a look at why our staffing method has proven to yield better long-term outcomes for IT consultants and organizations alike.
Traditional Recruitment Process
FAHM Recruitment Process

Sales driven

Recruitment driven

General understanding of job requirements

Highly specialized understanding of job requirements

Expert at recruitment only

Expert at both recruitment and technology/IT

Little knowledge of client’s company, operations and culture

Deep knowledge of client’s company, operations and culture

Have a general database of candidates to search

Have in depth knowledge of candidates as people and professionals

Run keywords search to find candidates that tick a checklist when a job comes up

Know the talents with the skills and the know-how to be put forward to a company instantaneously

Send hiring manager a large number of resumes to sift through

Send hiring manager a few hand-picked profiles to review

Go through candidate qualification process (phone interview, project, in person interview)

Skip candidate qualification process altogether, we’ve already done it for you

Regular qualified candidates’ recruitment process (interviews)

Go straight to the in-depth interviews