Web Applications

Bridging the technology gap to boost digital growth and the capabilities of your existing systems, adding functionalities to your digital assets in real-time with web applications development.

How can web applications integrate technology to power up user experience?

Does your organization need its employees to be able to work from anywhere as if they were in the office? Do you want to create new opportunities by making it easier for your clients to do business with you?

With web-based applications, you are able to provide an outstanding user experience, as well as expend functionalities to improve efficiency and capabilities of your existing systems, including legacy systems using older technology. We use modern front-end web technologies as the interface for your users to easily access the application from any device or platform.

The online sales market is expected to grow from $2.3 trillion in 2017 to $4 trillion in 2020.
51% of customers prefer to buy online products and only 56% of online stores have a physical store, according to BigCommerce.
47% of website visitors check out a company’s products/services page before looking at any other sections of the site, as per HubSpot stats.

How can building web applications benefit your organization?

FAHM Technology Partners helps you optimize your resources, and drive digital growth by bridging the gaps between the limitations of your legacy systems and the requirements of new technologies, tools, and software with web applications development.

Learn how FAHM Technology Partners web applications can benefit your organization:

  1. Cost efficiency
    With web applications, there are no distribution costs, users access your systems in a uniform environment, the web browser, no matter the point of access. Furthermore, web applications are developed for a single operating system, and tested on different web browsers. This process reduces considerably the development and maintenance costs, your solution is easily made available to your users, and updates are implemented in real time.
  2. Accessibility
    Unlike traditional desktop applications, web solutions are accessible anytime and anywhere, from any device connected to the Internet. We build all of our web applications with modern and accessible technologies, enabling users with disabilities to experience and interact with our applications without any limitations. Your organization can seamlessly do business internationally, and enable real time collaboration with team members working from home or in another country.
  3. Customization
    With web applications, you can offer outstanding, personalized user experience by customizing the user interface. It’s easy to build and upgrade functionalities, update the design, and customize the information presented to different user groups. We use the latest web application frameworks to build modular, and component based solutions.
  4. Integration
    Our web applications are designed to integrate seamlessly with each other, and with your existing systems, even legacy systems built with older technologies. Workflow and other business processes are greatly improved, your business model becomes flexible, and your organization easily adapts to evolving market demand and technology advancements.
  5. Performance
    If a web application requires more power to perform tasks, only the server hardware needs to be upgraded, or you can decide to increase the application’s capacity by clustering. As your organization’s workload increases, new servers can be added to the system easily, always ensuring that there are no interruptions for your users. We also provide analytics (KPI’s and other key metrics) to monitor real time performance on production scale environments.
  6. Security
    Web-based applications are typically deployed on dedicated servers, which are monitored and maintained by experienced server administrators. The security is tighter, and any potential breaches should be noticed far more quickly than with desktop applications.

What can FAHM Technology Partners help you build with web applications?

FAHM Technology Partners analyzes your environment, your needs and your current portfolio of digital assets to identify opportunities. We advise you on how your business can leverage web applications to drive digital growth, and design a solution tailor-made to cater to your organization’s specific needs that will seamlessly integrate with your existing system.

Learn how our tailor-made enterprise solutions can help you elevate your organization’s technology strategy.

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