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    Now more than ever you need to ensure you are set up for success in the upcoming shopping season. Unprecedented numbers of shoppers will be visiting your site, expecting performance, speed, and an engaging customer experience.

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    Ali Asghar brings 20+ years of Performance Management to help our customers transform Holiday Readiness into Everyday Readiness

    How FAHM’s Performance Testing and Engineering offering helps enterprises

    It is a comprehensive solution with four key components – process, people, innovative tools and governance. These help in facilitating:

    • predictability in delivery excellence
    • optimized infrastructure and resource utilization
    • smarter, faster, simpler solutions

    Barnes & Noble Education Case Study

    • Transitioned over 30% of business to online ordering
    • Increased 73% of orders to pick-up in store
    • Leveraged HCL Commerce
    • Upgraded E-Site technology
    • Innovated user experience
    • Expanded a 12-year partnership