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Data for ESG reporting doesn’t need to be manual or burdensome. Take control of de data you have and transform them into insights you can stand behind with IBM Envizi.

Less Time
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Automate data capture and management allowed on company to reduce time spend on ESG disclosure by 50% in one year.

USD in Annual Saving
$ 0 M

ESG data insights helped save one company USD 20 million on energy and water costs.


On Positive StakeHolder Engagement

A single repository for ESG data created a huge positive shift in sustainability engagement for one organization.

Key Features

Automatic data capture

From ERP and finance systems, property management databases, supplier data files and other business platforms.

Available in seven languages

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian – Portuguese and Japanese.

Data normalization and harmonization

Multi-metric, multi-currency cost and consumption data converted into comparable units and time periods.

Data audits and health Checks

All data traced back to source files with and audit record of changes made and data quality represented on dashboards.

Connectivity to operational system

Integrated with IBM Maximo, Tririga and Turbonomic to provide and comprehensive view of sustainability performance.

Data structuring and hierarchy management

Advanced data tagging for retrieval, extraction, analysis and reporting to multiple ESG frameworks with one data source.

IBM Envizi: Target Setting + Tracking

IBM® Envizi™: Target Setting + Tracking simplifies and automates the process of capturing and tracking GHG performance against targets at different levels of the organization. With all your GHG emissions data available in one place, organizations can easily set different types of targets, including energy, cost, emissions or intensity.

Intuitive dashboards help you identify carbon emissions reduction opportunities, develop a carbon management strategy and track the impact of your various sustainability projects.

Module features

Additional features

Bulk data uploads
Bulk create and edit target data using blank or pre-populated Excel templates.

Easily compare projects across your portfolio and supply chain with Microsoft Power BI-embedded Envizi PowerReports.


Faster insights

Eliminate spreadsheets and manual processes to identify GHG-reduction opportunities faster.

Improved accuracy

Track performance more accurately and access results when and how you need them.

Increased engagement

Built-in tools help engage stakeholders and improve accountability for results at all levels of the organization.

IBM Envizi: Building Ratings + Benchmarks

IBM® Envizi™: Building Ratings + Benchmarks reporting software allows you to capture, analyze and track building footprint metrics across your entire property portfolio.

It also features dedicated API connectors and algorithms, so you can report directly into the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) and ENERGY STAR® frameworks and get indicative ratings from National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS).

Module features


Streamline data collection

Capture building performance data systematically throughout the year and store it in a centralized location to support your building and portfolio ratings.

Save time and effort

Reporting tools allow you to send data directly to individual frameworks without needing to manipulate data in spreadsheets outside of the Envizi platform.

Increase ratings potential

Track indicative building ratings performance against targets on a monthly basis to provide actionable insights for making improvements that bolster ratings.

IBM Envizi: Value Chain Surveys + Assessments

IBM® Envizi™: Value Chain Surveys + Assessments, an interactive value chain analysis software, simplifies the capture of ESG data from stakeholders for value chain analysis. 

This digital portal allows stakeholders to input qualitative and quantitative ESG performance data against your customized survey templates. It further streamlines the value chain analysis process by eliminating the need for manual data consolidation through email, helping save time and effort. 

Module features

Additional features

Custom stakeholder surveys
Create your own survey based on the ESG metrics you want to track. This can be easily completed by stakeholders and responses are automatically consolidated for value chain analysis.

Visualized risk assessment
Use the ESG risk assessment tool to visualize stakeholder data for value chain analysis, identify compliance risks and compare scores against your ESG targets.


Scope 3 reporting

Allow value chain stakeholders to submit ESG data directly into the portal, so you can integrate this data into your Scope 3 GHG inventory for reporting.

Single portal

Eliminate multiple spreadsheets and email trails by consolidating responses from stakeholders in a single portal, saving time and effort.

Increased visibility

Identify where the ESG performance risks are in your organization’s value chain and make decisions to inform your ESG strategy.

IBM Envizi: Utility Bill Analytics

IBM® Envizi™: Utility Bill Analytics software saves you time by consolidating your utility billing data, automating conversions and calculations and normalizing energy performance for weather and KPI metrics.

Not only does it eliminate the need for complex spreadsheets, it also helps inform smarter energy efficiency decisions across your portfolio by identifying cost and consumption outliers and variances. 

Module features

Additional features

Integrated regression modeler
Envizi’s built-in regression modeling tool normalizes energy performance for weather and KPI metrics so you can measure and verify savings over time.

Advanced filtering
Apply filters to take a closer look across the organization and pinpoint which groups are contributing most to your utility consumption, cost and emissions.

Flexible data visualizations
Leverage Microsoft Power BI-embedded Envizi PowerReports to make interpreting and communicating performance a highly intuitive, user-friendly experience.


Save time

Automatically capture all your utility billing data in a single, integrated record with powerful ELT (extract, load and transform) capabilities.

Reduce costs

Analyze utility cost and consumption data for outliers and unusual variations over time, and take action to minimize waste.

Drive accountability

Calculate savings achieved over time by comparing actual consumption against historical baselines adjusted for weather.

IBM Envizi: Sustainability Program Tracking

IBM® Envizi™: Sustainability Program Tracking, a robust sustainability management software, simplifies data collection by capturing and tracking ESG and sustainability program data such as forecasts, timelines, cash flow, objectives and deliverables in a central system.

As a result, you gain complete oversight of your organization’s ESG and sustainability initiatives—from waste and water programs to CSR and community investments—with all your data captured in one place.

Additionally, by using PowerReports (embedded Microsoft Power BI) for sustainability reporting, you can easily compare projects across your portfolio and supply chain to ensure you are always prioritizing the most impactful ESG projects.

Module features

Additional features

Financial impact calculations
Generate project financial metrics such as internal rate of return (IRR) and net present value (NPV).

Site-based program tracking
Monitor which location or group of sites are performing well when compared to their sustainability initiatives milestones and which may require intervention.

Intuitive dashboards
Visualize and track your sustainability initiatives using PowerReport (embedded Microsoft Power BI) and apply filters to generate the report you need—all within the IBM Envizi platform.


Single system of record

Capture data across all sustainability initiatives in a central system to track the progress and impact of your ESG and sustainability programs.

Increased accountability

Track progress and assess realized savings and business case assumptions to ensure all stakeholders are held to account.

Prioritized initiatives

Compare ESG and sustainability projects across your organization to assess and prioritize the most impactful projects that support your ESG and sustainability goals.

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