FAHM Technology Partners announced today that Hanspal Jando, a finance specialist with past roles at Indigo, Lindt Canada, and other Fortune 500 companies, has been named FAHM’s Vice President of Finance. His shared values of creating efficiency and providing excellent customer service demonstrates strong compatibility with the FAHM company culture.

As Vice President of Finance, Jando is responsible for managing and directing all finance activities across several business units and various FAHM related entities. His role ensures industry best practices, compliance, and dedication to enhancing sales growth through financial analysis.

Jando has unparalleled experience working in the retail world, most recently playing integral roles in engineering innovative business solutions for various major retailers. He has a proven track record in implementing finance processing systems across multiple platforms throughout his career, including Walmart’s “Powertrack,” Lindt Canada’s cloud-based “Concur” software, and Indigo’s overhead expense system.

“Finance is critical to any organization. Jando brings deep domain expertise working with large companies in the competitive retail marketplace. We look forward to seeing how he can further improve our ability to meet best practices, streamline compliance requirements, and optimize our internal finance processes,“ said FAHM Technology Partners Managing Partner Iqbal Khan.

Being a supportive and strategic business partner to key stakeholders has enabled significant company-wide operational efficiency. No matter the size or type of organization, he provides optimization and positive changes to internal controls, budgeting, customer service, and more.

Jando’s robust portfolio of finance and retail experiences demonstrates his understanding of business operations and the complete accounting cycle. His versatile adaptability in project management across major tier-one fortune 500 companies primes FAHM for exceptional growth and sales success.

Hanspal is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CGA), and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University.

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