FAHM Technology Partners announces that Felipe Posada, a seasoned sales executive who formerly worked with IBM, has joined the company as Vice President of Sales – International. His passion for technological innovation, and track record of success in digital transformation across multiple industries, will help FAHM advance its economic growth and contribute to customer satisfaction.

As Vice President of Sales – International, Felipe will be responsible for overseeing the expansion of FAHM’s operations into Latin America and other international markets. Especifically on LatAm, he will lead the team in growing the company’s presence in this region, ensuring projects are organized to capitalize on new waves of innovation, growth, and disruption. Felipe also leverages his past team management and problem-solving expertise to help FAHM navigate its international and digital expansion.

“FAHM has been looking to expand to the LatAm region for a while now, so Felipe is a welcome addition to the team. We are confident that his proven experience selling and leading technical teams will provide a strong foundation for future expansion in this region, as well as into other international markets,” said FAHM Technology Partners Chief Digital Officer Will Esclusa.

Felipe has over ten years of combined experience across the sales, B2C, and technology sectors. He started his career at IBM as a technical seller and has worked in a variety of industries across the Latin American continent.

Felipe has worked on a variety of key IBM innovation and digital transformation projects. This portfolio includes the most mature Sterling OMS in Mexico, a mixed-component solution to accelerate a Colombian CPG company’s foray into the B2C market, and leading the whole IBM Sterling organization in LatAm. He is incredibly excited about helping FAHM’s clients achieve their goals and successfully navigate their digital transformation journeys.

Felipe holds a BSc in Mathematics from York University in Toronto, Ontario. He is currently based out of Bogotá, Colombia, where he lives with his wife, two kids, and two dogs.

About FAHM Technology Partners

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