FAHM Partners wants to congratulate our partner VTEX on their latest round of funding. VTEX has raised $225 million in Series D (Announced September 30th) and is currently valued at $1.7B.

And while that is very exciting for them, we welcome a conversation on why this is exciting for you!

  • A commerce platform with integrated OMS.
  • A rapid migration and onboarding.
  • A championship positioning in IDC.
    Reach more customers

    Maintain control of the brand experience while empowering partners — distributors, dealers, resellers, and others with the tools they need to capture more sales.

    Eliminate channel conflict

    Learn more about customers and deliver a seamless buyer journey by creating a distribution platform, dealer network, and other experiences that enable collaboration with channel partners.

    Explore the marketplace model

    Expand assortment and grow sales with built-in capabilities to create an online marketplace and reach new customers and markets by selling on third-party marketplaces.

    Curious about VTEX and how it can work for you?

    Have you outgrown your current commerce provider and need to release new functionality faster?

    Has your current commerce provider failed to keep up with you as a business and you need to modernize?

    Has a new executive entered your Commerce Framework and questioned why you are still running your existing platform?

    For any of these reasons and a lot more, chat with us. We will respond somewhere between real time and within 1 business day. Tell us a little about your challenge or opportunity.